guess which one was a nightmare

i had a dream i went to a farm full of horses and ponies

and there were huge horses and small horses and horses with eight legs and horses that could flail their bodies around and fly like weird worms

and some lady was walking her pet tamandua and i ran after it screaming that i wanted to pet it before waking up

i had a dream i had an incredibly old computer in my room

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i had a dream of a machine that generated worlds and environments

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woke up crying uncontrollably from an emotionally wrenching dreamu

todays gonna turn out GREAT

short summary of dreams in that image from top left going clockwise:

> infinite forest gondola
> that giant fucking nightmare manta ray that flew in the air at night
> bleeding out on the floor of an attic at a sleepover w/ murderers
> chasing after large air cargo ships on another planet
> the ghost that could see through everything
> super tentacle escape 64
> that one time i was a scientist and i uncovered some kind of conspiracy involving illegal genetic monsters in the facility i worked at & i became bffs with one of them and it ended up accidentally killing me and my colleague and then mourning our deaths over our corpses
> oh god the eyes

two dreams, one was comical and the other one was borderline nightmare despite the subject

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i keep having violent and gory dreams aaaaaah

wow ok i took a nap and dreamt that i had an argument with someone about drowning and how they saw someone drown and to prove their point they stabbed a needle into my neck and injected me with some kind of muscle relaxant and threw me into the ocean

i woke up before anything else happened but ????????????

I had a dream I was trying to smoke weed with a really weird looking bong and I had no clue how to use it and kanye west was there and he was laughing at me